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Features and uses of PET antistatic film
Time: 2019年12月09日

Features and uses of PET antistatic film

PET antistatic film

 Anti-static protective film is mainly used for packaging materials, equipment packaging, and electronic product packaging to prevent static electricity from damaging internal products and electronic components, instruments, etc .; packaging doors and windows to prevent static electricity from stimulating human skin.

The base material of antistatic film is mainly PE and PET. Among them, PE antistatic protective film is mostly used for packaging, and PET is widely used in industrial fields such as the electronics industry. This is inseparable from the characteristics of PET antistatic film.

1. Surface resistance 107-109Ωcm, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless;

2, there is no migration of static materials on the product surface;

 Processed in Class 3 and 1000 clean environment with excellent cleanliness;

4. Excellent transparency, the appearance inspection of the optical film can be performed in the state that the protective material is attached;

5. Low viscosity, little change in adhesive force over time;

6. Excellent anti-static effect, durable and stable performance;

7. The product has single-sided anti-static and double-sided anti-static peeling voltage.

 The use of PET antistatic film:

A. Optical film surface protection;

B. Electronic packaging, famous plug-in board, computer monitor, film, etc .;

C. Anti-static PET protective film for electronic screen can be used for LCD, polarizer, optical lens surface protection.