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Dongguan Lingrui New Material Co., Ltd. specializes in processing: insulation materials, silk-screen nameplate label labels, protective films, double-sided tape, dust-proof speaker nets, sealed dust-proof cushioning products, gasket meson washers, wear-resistant, radiation-resistant Corrosion parts, non-standard plastic parts, heat-conducting heat sinks, backlight units (light-increasing film, light-reflecting film, light guide sheet and diffuser sheet), etc. Our products are widely used in various electronic and electrical products, home appliances, sports equipment, medical equipment, electric energy equipment, communication equipment, aerospace vehicles, high-speed rail cars, marine vehicles, new energy batteries, mechanical equipment, lighting, door locks Walkie talkie, packaging, etc. Our company has all kinds of supporting production equipments, complete management, humanization, and excellent technology. Can promptly and quickly sample for customers, prompt delivery and considerate service. From quotation proofing to order delivery and after-sales service, we spare no effort to serve you wholeheartedly.

    Welcome new and old customers, engineers and friends to contact us at any time to quote, sample, develop new products and projects, and serve you wholeheartedly. Thank you for your continued care. With your support, we can continue to grow.

    Responsibility, win trust; Dongguan Lingrui, responsibility comes first!