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Diffusion film
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    LED backlight downlight spotlight lighting white polyester PET reflective sheet reflective film

Our custom-made LED backlight, downlight spotlight lighting, white polyester PET reflector, reflective film has excellent reflective performance, with a reflectance of more than 95%. It is mainly used for the reflection of lamps, touch switches and backlights of electrical products Reflective, can replace the original aluminum reflector and stainless steel reflector, the reflective effect is very good, and the price is at least 50% more than the original cost.

       The product has good impact resistance, light weight, high and low temperature resistance -40 to 130 can be used normally, composite environmental protection ROHS, halogen-free. This product is widely used in various types of energy-saving lighting fixtures such as flat lamps, downlights, spotlights, emergency lights, table lamps, fluorescent lights, LED lights, eye protection lights, ceiling lights, fluorescent lights and so on.

       If you need LED backlight downlight, spotlight lighting, white polyester PET reflector, or more information, please feel free to contact us for quick sample making.