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    High temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistance, fire retardant, flame retardant and radiation resistant PEEK polyetheretherketone Mylar insulation gasket

Our company specializes in the production and sale of various types of high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistance, fire retardant, flame retardant and radiation resistant PEEK polyether ether ketone Mylar insulation gaskets. The prices are good and the quality is guaranteed. This product is widely used in internal insulation of electronic and electrical products. Welcome to plans and samples, inquiry samples, and serve you wholeheartedly.


Physical and chemical characteristics of PEEK:


PEEK plastic materials have excellent dimensional stability characteristics, which is important for some applications. Changes in environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity have little effect on the size of PEEK parts, which can meet the requirements for use under high working conditions where dimensional accuracy is required.


1 PEEK plastic raw material injection molding has a small shrinkage rate, which is very beneficial for controlling the dimensional tolerance range of PEEK injection molded parts, making the dimensional accuracy of PEEK parts much higher than that of general-purpose plastics;


2 The coefficient of thermal expansion is small. With the change of temperature (caused by the change of ambient temperature or frictional heat generation during operation), the size of PEEK parts changes little;


3 Good dimensional stability. The dimensional stability of plastic refers to the dimensional stability of engineering plastic products during use or storage. This change in size is mainly due to the increase in the activation energy of the polymer molecules, which makes the segment have a certain kind of Degree of curl


4 PEEK has outstanding heat resistance and hydrolysis resistance, and its water absorption is very low under high temperature and high humidity environment. There will be no obvious change in the size of general plastics such as nylon due to water absorption.


5 Peeling resistance: PEEK has good peeling resistance, so it can be made into thin or electromagnetic wires, and can be used under severe conditions.


6 Fatigue resistance: PEEK has the best fatigue resistance among all resins.


7 Radiation resistance: The ability to withstand high radiation is very strong, exceeding the best radiation resistance polystyrene in general resins. It can be made into a high performance that can maintain good insulation ability even when γ irradiation dose reaches 1100Mrad.


8 mechanical characteristics: PEEK has rigidity and flexibility, especially the fatigue resistance under alternating stress is very outstanding, and can be comparable to alloy materials.


9 Self-lubricating: PEEK has excellent sliding characteristics, suitable for occasions with strict requirements for low friction coefficient and abrasion resistance, especially for PEEK sliding grades modified with carbon fiber, graphite, and PTFE. superior.


10 Corrosion resistance: In addition to concentrated sulfuric acid, PEEK is insoluble in any solvents and strong acids and alkalis, and is resistant to hydrolysis and has high chemical stability.


11 Flame retardancy: PEEK has self-extinguishing property, even without any flame retardant, it can reach UL standard 94V-0 level.


12 Easy processability: Because PEEK has the characteristics of good high-temperature fluidity and high thermal decomposition temperature, a variety of processing methods can be used: injection molding, extrusion molding, compression molding, and melt spinning.




Density 1.265 (amorphous) ~


1.320 (crystalline) g / cm3


Impact strength (notch) 60 ~ 80J / m


Elongation at break


Water absorption


Volume resistivity 1016Ω · cm


Bending strength


Dielectric constant 3.2 ~ 3.3


Tensile strength


Flame retardancy (UL94) V-0.

Die-cutting, low-voltage, low-voltage, high-voltage, fire-resistant, flame-retardant, plastic paper, epoxy board, Mylar, MYLAR insulation gasket

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